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Aluminum Wire and Cable Products


Aerial inspections, Data collection and Analysis using Drones


Designer quality safety-rated eyewear merging fashion with comfort   www.edgeeyewear.com


Solutions for preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable www.platinumtools.com

U.S. based manufacturer of superior quality industrial and commercial LED Fixtures​ -www.glowblelighting.com

Manufacturer of high quality, low voltage wire & cable  – www.remee.com

Providing cost-effective energy solutions using only premium materials and highest assembly standards – www.techbrite.com​

Utility-grade, revenue-class submeters, surge suppressors, and current transformers


High temperature wire and cable, including DuraLife FPL UL 2-hour rated Fire Resistive CI alarm cable  – www.radix-wire.com

Specializes in Type1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 electrical enclosures, and custom products


U.S. based, premier LED lighting for high output commercial and industrial applications  – noribachi.com

Large and small area portable lighting, battery operated LED lighting, handheld lighting, and specialty lighting – www.probuiltlighting.com

Innovative cable management and power distribution solutions


Strut and fittings for mechanical, electrical, industrial, and OEM applications. – www.haydon.com

Conduit and innerduct for electric and telecommucations markets - www.endot.com

Custom fabrication, die, and dieless cutting of non-metallic materials into custom parts and components – www.srpco.com

Radiant heat solutions for snow and ice melting, floor heating, and roof deicing     www.prolineradiant.com

High performance audible and visible signaling devices - www.e2s.com

Electrical/NEMA enclosures and modular cabinets – www.exmweb.com

Custom Manufactured Precision Parts and Assemblies


Traditional and LED lightbulbs and fixtures - www.eiko.com

Smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide and natural gas alarms, and combination/all-in-one alarms  www.universalsecurity.com

High quality, custom electromagnetic devices for a wide variety of applications – www.intersolind.com

Product Lines Wisconsin

​Product Line

Freight Terms 
  Payment Terms 
 Minimum Billing
All-Rite Industries
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30
Classic Wire & Cable
Prepaid & Allowed – 2,000 lbsNet 30n/a
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Edge Eyewear
Prepaid & Allowed - $175
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,000 
Net 30$250 or $15 charge
​Endot Industries 
HDPE added to cost of duct; Plenum/Riser Prepaid $8,000
Net 30$600
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000 
Net 30$180
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,000 
Net 30$50 or $10 charge
Global Power ProductsPrepaid & Allowed - $9002% 10 - Net 30n/a
Glowble LightingPrepaid & Allowed - $1,500
Net 30n/a
Haydon Corporation 
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,500 for channel & fittings ($1,000 for fittings only)
1% 10 - Net 30
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price 
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000
Net 30
Platinum Tools
Prepaid & Allowed - $500
2% 10 - Net 30
Prepaid & Allowed – unless using Collect pricing
Net 30n/a
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Prepaid and Added to Invoice unless otherwise stated
Net 30$500
RDA Lighting
Prepaid & Allowed - $500
Net 30n/a
Remee Wire and CablePrepaid & Allowed - $2,500
Net 30$500
Snake TrayPrepaid & Allowed - $5,000Net 30$250
SRP Co. 
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000
Net 30n/a
Unity ManufacturingPrepaid & Allowed - $1,2002% 10 - Net 30$100
USI Electric
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,500
2% 10 - Net 30

Quality components for efficient lighting solutions - www.fulham.com

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High-quality commercial, industrial, and residential lighting solutions and related products   - www.rdalighting.com