​Elk Grove Office/Warehouse
1900 Estes Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: (847) 378-8045

​Fax: (847) 307-8975


Oxford Sales Office
882 Sebek Street
Oxford, MI 48371
Phone: (888) 308-7574 

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U.S. based, premier LED lighting for high output commercial and industrial applications  – noribachi.com​​

Designs and manufactures portable power distribution units, lighting, GFCI’s, wiring devices, and other related products


​Product Line

Freight Terms 
  Payment Terms 
 Minimum Billing
All-Rite Industries
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30
Classic Wire & Cable
Prepaid & Allowed – 2,000 lbsNet 30n/a
Delta Breez
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000​   
Net 30n/a
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Edge Eyewear
Prepaid & Allowed - $175
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,000 
Net 30$250 or $15 charge
​Endot Industries 
HDPE added to cost of duct; Plenum/Riser Prepaid $8,000
Net 30$600
Ericson Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000Net 31$200
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000 
Net 30$180
Global Power ProductsPrepaid & Allowed - $9002% 10 - Net 30n/a
Glowble LightingPrepaid & Allowed - $1,500
Net 30n/a
Haydon Corporation 
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,500 for channel & fittings ($1,000 for fittings only)
1% 10 - Net 30
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price 
Net 30n/a
JascoPrepaid & Allowed – $500
Net 30n/a
KillarkPrepaid & Allowed - $,2000Net 30$250
Midwest Electric
Prepaid & Allowed – $500
2% 10 - Net 25
$500 or $50 freight charge
​Morris Products Inc
Prepaid & Allowed - $100Net 30n/a
NoribachiPrepaid & Allowed - $2,000
Net 30
Platinum Tools
Prepaid & Allowed - $500
2% 10 - Net 30
Prepaid & Allowed – $500 unless using Collect pricing
Net 30n/a
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $5002% 15 - Net 30
$100 or $15 charge
Prepaid and Added to Invoice unless otherwise stated
Net 30$500
RDA Lighting
Prepaid & Allowed - $500
Net 30n/a
Sigma LuminousPrepaid & Allowed - $3,000
Net 30n/a
Snake Tray
Prepaid & Allowed - $5,000Net 30$250
SRP Co. 
Deliveries FOB Delivered Price
Net 30n/a
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,500
2% 10 - Net 30
Prepaid & Allowed - $2,000
Net 30n/a
Unity Manufacturing
Prepaid & allowed - $1,2002% 10 - Net 30$100
USI Electric
Prepaid & Allowed - $1,500
2% 10 - Net 30

LED lighting solutions that deliver premium benefits


Providing cost-effective energy solutions using only premium materials and highest assembly standards – www.techbrite.com​

Designer quality safety-rated eyewear merging fashion with comfort   www.edgeeyewear.com

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Smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide and natural gas alarms, and combination/all-in-one alarms  www.universalsecurity.com

Delta Breez Ventilation Fans.  Perfectly Quiet. Perfectly Green. - www.deltabreez.com

Strut and fittings for mechanical, electrical, industrial, and OEM applications. – www.haydon.com

Conduit and innerduct for electric and telecommucations markets - www.endot.com

Traditional and LED lightbulbs and fixtures - www.eiko.com

Electrical/NEMA enclosures and modular cabinets – www.exmweb.com

Custom fabrication, die, and dieless cutting of non-metallic materials into custom parts and components – www.srpco.com

Custom Manufactured Precision Parts and Assemblies


High performance audible and visible signaling devices - www.e2s.com

Radiant heat solutions for snow and ice melting, floor heating, and roof deicing     www.prolineradiant.com

High temperature wire and cable, including DuraLife FPL UL 2-hour rated Fire Resistive CI alarm cable  – www.radix-wire.com

*Lake Michigan Sales only covers these lines in Lake and Porter counties*

Product Lines Indiana


U.S. based manufacturer of superior quality industrial and commercial LED Fixtures​ -www.glowblelighting.com

Innovative cable management and power distribution solutions


Electric heating, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC), and electronic controls


Aerial inspections, Data collection and Analysis using Drones


High-quality commercial, industrial, and residential lighting solutions and related products   - www.rdalighting.com

Service equipment, RV park equipment, transformers, safety switches, disconnects and more​ - www.midwestelectric.com

Quality Electrical & Lighting Products


Terms and Conditions


Rack-A-Tiers Manufactures designs and distributes innovative, specialty electrical tools


Aluminum Wire and Cable Products


Specializes in Type1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 electrical enclosures, and custom products


Global provider of harsh and hazardous location products.


Solutions for preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable www.platinumtools.com

Utility-grade, revenue-class submeters, surge suppressors, and current transformers


Comprehensive product offerings in home automation, lighting, security, home entertainment, power and mobility products - www.byjasco.com

High quality, custom electromagnetic devices for a wide variety of applications – www.intersolind.com

Large and small area portable lighting, battery operated LED lighting, handheld lighting, and specialty lighting – www.probuiltlighting.com